Dartmouth Pottery Fish Jugs

These vintage fish jugs are one of the hardest working pieces in our kitchen. Perfect for pimping a simple bunch of flowers or making your kids smile with their iconic glugging sound.

The first sale we ever made at Bleak House was one of our Dartmouth Pottery gurgling fish jugs. We have loved these jugs ever since we saw them being used at Mark's Bar in Soho and it was the first product we bought for our shop.

The early Dartmouth Pottery jugs were made in either white clay or finished in a green copper glaze and these are the two colours that we sell. Many other colours were introduced later on and designs were made to promote various brands of alcohol, most notably the cobalt blue used for Plymouth Gin.

After Dartmouth Pottery closed in 2002 the moulds were bought by Wade and the jugs are being produced today but we find the new ones don’t have the gradation of colour and charm as the original Dartmouth Pottery ones.

We use these jugs pretty much everyday in our own home. They have this funny ability to make the cheapest bunch of flowers look chic. We use them mostly as vases but they are also great water jugs – kids in particular love the glugging sound they make when they pour.

These are rather hard to get hold of and so our stock is always low. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when new jugs arrive.

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