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The best dog-friendly restaurants in London

London is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world but that doesn’t mean you can take your dog anywhere - far from it. However you can take them more places than you might think. Allowing dogs into shops does wonders for customer loyalty and really it’s just smart business.  

My advice is to ask for forgiveness not permission, as it’s harder to ask someone to leave a shop than it is to not let them in. After three years I’ve developed a few rules of thumb to gauge whether I think a shop will let us in. American shops tend to be very, very welcoming and often have treats. Independent retails are often happy to let dogs in, especially if they are owned by a dog lover. And finally, the posher the shop, the more likely they are to be welcoming. If you find a shop that fits all three criteria you are probably onto a winner.

Here is a list of shops in Central London that we have taken our dog Edward to. They will make your dog feel at home to varying degrees whilst you scratch the retail itch.

Liberty of London | Soho
If your dog is small enough to walk under the famous Liberty stick, he has a treat in store. More attention that he could dream of in the men’s department (which is not a euphemism) and toasted tea cake crumbs in the lovely cafe, it makes for a very nice day out.

Liberty of London is a dog-friendly store in Central London

Anthropologie | Various Locations
Dog treats in a large jar on the counter and a warm welcome make this American homewares and clothes store a very nice place to take your dog.

The Conran Shop | Marylebone High Street
As with most interior design stores, The Conran Shop is dog-friendly. He won’t be made a fuss of, and he won’t get any treats, but he will get to sample some of the coolest homewares in London. 

J Crew | Various Locations
Another American store, J Crew is very dog-friendly. Your dog will be greeted as warmly as you are when you enter the store and she will even be allowed in the changing room with you.

Heals | Tottenham Court Road
The old man of Tottenham Court Road, you'll probably find your dog is more or less ignored but that's fine as she is at least endured.

Lululemon | Everywhere
The Canadian’s famed friendly welcome extends to our four legged companions in this upmarket sportswear brand. Dog treats are provided on entry and are accompanied with plenty of canine cuddles.

Lululemon is a dog-friendly store in Central London

SpaceNK | Everywhere
I can’t say for certain that every Space NK branch is dog friendly but the branches in Marylebone High Street and Primrose Hill certainly are. We visit our local outpost so frequently that our dog is now greeted by name.

Apple Store | Various Locations
The one shop you can guarantee your dog will make friends for life. Either with one of the other dogs he is bound to run into, or with a whole host of coo-ing Asian tourists. Your dog might even end up on instagram. 

Selfridges | Oxford Street
I believe Selfridge’s dog policy is that they are allowed, as long they don’t touch anything. Which includes the floor. I have been in here with Edward and carried him but was promptly told off when I set him down to rest my weary arms. One for little dogs only, unless you have stronger biceps than me. 

Anya Hindmarch | Bond Street
One of the friendliest shops on Bond Street, the service is second to none and the warm welcome will definitely be extended to your canine companion.

Anya Hindmarch dog-friendly store in central London

West Elm | Tottenham Court Road
Our favourite furniture store on Tottenham Court Road, this Brooklyn import is super-dog friendly. There are treats galore and dogs are even allowed on the sofas.

Habitat | Tottenham Court Road
Another good furniture stalwart, again your dog will be ignored but is free to go in and help you choose a new sofa. 

Hermes | Bond Street
Personally I find it a bit snooty in here and the customer service is frustrating but I think perhaps they are too well-mannered to ask us to leave. And that's good enough for me to rate it as dog-friendly.


GAP | Everywhere
I wing it a bit with Gap, I'm not sure if they are dog-friendly but no one has ever asked me to leave so let's just say it is and leave it at that. 

Burberry | Regent Street
Possibly the most friendly of all the stores on our list, expect every single staff member to come and say hello to your dog.

OTHER SHOPS | Everywhere
I’ve been told the following shops are also dog-friendly but I’ve not tried them myself.




If you know of any other great dog-friendly stores in London, do let us know in the comments below, or or connect with us on instagram where we regularly share tips for living a dog-friendly London life.

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Words by Annabel Bird

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Stylish shops in London that are dog-friendly.

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