How to Choose The Best Bed Linen

How to Choose Bed Linen

Beautiful bed linen is one of life’s joys and something that it is very much worth investing in. We all spend a lot of time in bed, perhaps not enough, and there’s nothing better than stretching out your legs in the morning to the feel of your favourite sheets. It’s one of those things that just starts your day right and ends your day the same way, regardless of what nonsense happens in between.

Everything we sell on Bleak House is tried and tested by us and our bedroom collection is no exception. We have done quite a lot of research to bring you the very best bed linen we could find. (Most of our testing involved sleeping so it wasn’t too much of a hardship.) Our collection is small, but curated. We have settled on three brilliant British brands and all of their bed linen is made in Europe or in Russia. All of our bed linen represents great value for money for the quality of the product. 

We prefer our bed linen white, or off white, and we like a bit of detail. There is plenty to choose from with the three ranges we sell but if you are struggling to decide you could do what we did and have one set of each so that you never again feel sad when your favourite set is in the wash. High quality bed linen will last for many, many years if looked after well and, as it can be quite an investment, we suggest building your collection slowly. Start with a couple of pillowcases and before you know it you will have the most inviting bed in town.

We know that buying bed linen on the internet can be a difficult thing to do as it’s hard to appreciate the quality without being able to stroke it, and so we hope this guide to our ranges will give you more confidence in choosing.

Josephine Home Hemstitch 

500 thread count Egyptian satin cotton is about as good as it gets. We did some testing on this product to ensure it really did justify the outlay and after having it on our bed for one night we took our old high street bedding straight to the recycling bank, never to be spoken of again. Luxury bed linen is definitely one of those things like expensive chocolate where you can live in blissful ignorance for your whole life, but once you’ve tried it there really is no going back. 

This hemstitch bed linen is silky and soft to the touch, has a lustrous finish and is warm and cosy. It’s perfect for those of us who like to be snug in bed. Josephine Home supply the bed linen for the suites in the Mandarin Oriental as well as in The Wheatsheaf, on of our favourite Cotswolds pubs, so you will be sleeping in very good company indeed.

Draper London Navy Trim

The younger brother of Josephine Home, Draper London bed linen is made from 300 thread count Egyptian cotton percale and represents extraordinary value for money considering the quality of the product. The cool and crisp bright white paired with the unusual navy grosgrain ribbon trim gives a smart, tailored feel. This range is enchantingly nautical and perfect for anyone who, like us, adores that 1920s Chanel / Deauville vibe. It’s a fantastic entry-level range and is great for the summer months and for anyone who has a tendency to overheat in the night.

Volga Linen

If you have never slept in pure linen you are in for a treat. Linen has a reputation of being stiff and scratchy, but this is really a quality issue. The Volga Linen that we sell softens up after the first wash and you will feel like you are sleeping in fluffy little clouds of joys. Volga Linen is incredibly light and weirdly warm and cool all at the same time. The unusual warm ivory colour and the beautiful hemstitch detail really show off how wonderful this fabric is.

We first discovered Volga Linen when we stayed at the Wild Rabbit in Kingham and have been a little obsessed with it every since. We are so happy that people are rediscovering this ancient cloth after it having been out of favour for so long. We prefer our linen ironed, but really that’s up to you.

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Words by Annabel Bird

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How to Choose Bed Linen

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