How to Update Your Home for Spring

How to Update Your Home for Spring

As welcome as spring undeniably is, the increase in daylight can expose the havoc that a long, miserable winter has wreaked on your home. For our ancestors it was about the horrible mess daily coal fires made of the sitting room, but nowadays it’s more about realising quite how much mud the dog has trampled into the carpet.

Clean everything, including the dog

One of the most transformative, easiest and cheapest ways you can help your home recover from winter is to clean your carpets and your windows. A good steam clean will make your carpets feel new again and get rid of the dirty marks you probably didn’t notice in the gloomier months, but that are now winking at you every time you walk past.

I can never quite believe the difference cleaning the windows makes - it’s like you have a whole new view to look out on. Maximise the benefit by titivating your balcony, window box or garden to shunt the spring pots into the foreground as this will bring the outside in and help your home feel more springlike and cheerful.

And while we’re on the subject of cleaning, washing the dog is something I can’t face over the winter as he’s inevitably muddy again within a few hours. At this time of year however it has a much more long-lasting benefit and draws a line under the filthy months. It definitely helps your home smell more of woodland and less of farmyard.

Invoke Marie Kondo

The onset of spring is a good time to invoke the power of Japanese tidying pixie Marie Kondo. Spend a weekend sorting through your wardrobe, cleaning and putting away coats, boots and woolly jumpers and replacing them with cashmere jumpers and the like, and you will immediately be transported into the new season each time you open your wardrobe doors.

Make your home smell like a meadow

Harnessing the power of scent is a great way to leave winter behind. Switching shower gels, perfume, bath products and scented candles from the musky, library/woodsmoke scents we all love in the winter to more floral, lighter smells will all jumble together to make your home feel like spring the moment you step through the door.

Embrace nature’s flooring

Natural flooring is one of the best ways to blur the boundaries between inside and outside and make your home feel more connected to the new season. We have some wonderful rush bathmats arriving imminently and I also love this jute rug from the Conran Shop. And now that you have packed away the woolly socks you will feel a little bit of spring every time you pad barefoot through your home.

Upgrade your bed

This is the time of year when you look at your bed linen and realise how tired and off-coloured it has become. Nothing shouts spring happiness more than crisply ironed, pure white sheets shining in the sunshine. Our new range by Draper London has an unusual navy trim which channels a little bit of tailored Deauville nautical chic which is the perfect look to drive you on towards the summer.

Adding a brightly coloured throw, in a softer, lighter fabric than the thick woollen blanket you needed during the winter months will add some zing. And whilst you are at it, hoover under the bed, flip the mattress, dry-clean your duvet and pillows and you really will feel that you have a brand new bed.

Lighten up your table

During the winter, a dark table lit by flickering candlelight is the way to go but now is the time to lighten up the dining room. A pure linen tablecloth accessorised with linen napkins, spring flowers, colourful porcelain and brightly coloured candles will make your table Easter-ready.

Switch out your accessories

No one wants to redecorate just because the seasons have changed. Making changes to the smaller details can have a huge effect on how seasonal your home looks. Switching out wool and velvet cushions for linen ones, changing the colours and items on your vignettes and even moving your furniture around so that the focal point is the windows rather than the fire can all help your home embrace all that spring has to offer.

Our pink and yellow umbrellas will perk up your hallway and my final tip is to create a spring screensaver for your desktop and update your iphone lock screen image as you are probably spending a fair amount of time look at those remnants of winter too.

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Words by Annabel Bird

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How to Update Your Home for Spring


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