How we choose our dog products

Since the start of Bleak House stylish dog products have been an integral and important part of what we sell. As an interior designer by trade I know well the dichotomy of owning a dog: they really do make your home a home, but at the same time they destroy it and care little for aesthetic pursuits or your expensive cushions.

We are not a dog brand, nor will we ever be. But we sell and design the very best dog products on the market. The reason for this is simple: your dog needs things, and you have to share you home with those things, and we believe those things should reflect your tastes and personality as, frankly, your dog couldn’t care less, which means that you can.

Dogs clutter your home with their toys and games and are not very good at putting them away. They need a bowl for food and a bowl for water and like to spill it all over your kitchen floor. They sleep on your bed but also need their own and they like combining mud and fresh bed linen. They like to come away with you for the weekend and insist on taking everything they own with them. And if you live in an urban area like London, you probably don’t have a utility room in which to hide away your dog’s less attractive possessions.

And so if your dog’s bed is in your bedroom, we believe it should be a part of your decor in the same way as the blanket on your bed or your curtains. You may well have spent tens of thousands of pounds on the best kitchen you could afford, and so why would you not have the best dog bowl you can afford to complement it? If you’re like us you love taking your dog on weekends away but hate checking into a country hotel with a Waitrose bag for life sitting in your pile of luggage next to your beloved Mulberry holdall.

This may seem over the top as we all know dog’s couldn’t care less about appearances. In fact the more chewed and dirty things are the better, but that’s precisely the point. They don’t care, which means you can. You can choose to buy dog products designed for you, and not just for your dog. And so we say let’s forget bone motifs and paw prints, and let’s choose products that are beautifully designed and made from the highest quality materials because, well, your dog thinks you’re worth it. 

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