Petersham Nurseries | Richmond

Petersham Nurseries is one of London’s best dog-friendly restaurants. It’s a beautiful walk along the river from Richmond and the food and surroundings are fabulous.

Petersham Nurseries is one of our absolute favourite places to eat in London. It’s a lovely walk from Richmond along the river (download our hand-drawn guide to the area) which makes it a really nice day out.

You can eat in the fabulous cafe which serves delicious salads and scrumptious cakes, or make more of an occasion of it by booking a table in the wonderful restaurant. It’s as dog-friendly as a restaurant can get, when we were last there they put our leftovers in a bowl and let our dog eat at our table which was so nice of them.

Both the restaurant and cafe are housed in rustic greenhouses with sandy floors and this combined with the huge number of plants on display make it a very lovely place for lunch indeed.

Petersham Nurseries
Church Lane, Petersham TW10 7AB
0207 730 2804

Download our hand-drawn guide to Richmond Riverside.

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