Sunset safaris in the heart of London

Sunset Safaris at London Zoo are the perfect way to spend a summer date night. There is amazing street food, drinks and the chance to see the animals getting ready for bedtime.

There are two reasons to get to London zoo right now. The first is the new Lion experience which has opened up substantially more space for lions and humans alike, and brings the two into strikingly close proximity to each other. The second is the Sunset Safaris.

The zoo opens on summer Friday nights from 6pm until 10pm with fewer crowds, live music, talks and demonstrations, amazing street food and booze. And animals doing normal animal stuff in the warm light of the long summer evenings. This includes lions playing, tigers dozing and monkeys being cheeky. You can even extend your stay by sleeping over in the new lodges built into the Lion experience.

And it's not just for kids - it’s a killer date venue, a brilliant beginning to a great night-out or simply something to make your jaded London life feel altogether more alive. 

For more information and tickets go to the ZSL website. Hurry though as the last Sunset Safari for the year is on the 15th July.

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