Some of our most popular products at this time of year are some of our smallest and least expensive. But as they are so tiny they sometimes need a bit of beefing up to make them a more substantial present.

We have found that our customers often buy the following combination of products together and we thought it would be helpful to package them up for you to make your present shopping easier. As an extra bonus each set has a discount applied. Enjoy!

Candleholder, Candle & Matches 

Our enamelled copper candle holders are elegant and super simple. Each piece is made by hand in Norfolk and the copper glaze gives a wonderful glow on a winter's evening. You can choose between a copper red glaze or a copper yellow glaze.

Our set includes a handmade Scottish beeswax pillar candle and a box of our signature French matches.


Organic Soap & horn soap dish 

Our wonderful Keats' organic soaps make the perfect partner to our horn soap dish. The soap makes bath times more luxurious and bathrooms more stylish.

Choose from three fabulous fragrances: Peace + Poise (Lavender & Ylang Ylang), Truth + Triumph (Peppermint) or Hope + Harmony (Lime & Cedarwood).




Salt Dish & Horn Salt Spoon 

These little bowls are so great for salt and look brilliant next to your cooker or on the dining table. A tiny horn salt spoon complements it perfectly.

We suggest adding a titchy box of Maldon Sea Salt to make this a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking.



Butter Spreader & Porcelain Dish 

Our best-selling butter spreader is the perfect partner for this little porcelain dish. Pair with a round pat of French butter for added dining table chic.

Choose from four lovely colours.





Porcelain Dipping Bowl & Pickle Fork 

Our adorable little porcelain dipping dish is perfect for serving silverskin onions with our super-sharp pickle fork for the most stylish of Boxing Day lunches. 

Available in pistachio or sand.