Learn to Shoot on Film





Enter a captivating land made up of light and shadows, simple colours and evocative shapes. A place where mistakes become magical surprises and nothing is quite what it seems.

Welcome to the enchanting world of analogue photography

There is nothing quite like shooting on film. This addictive, simple way of taking photographs enables you to create perfect little worlds with dimensions and depth that just cannot be created with digital photography. Shooting on film is simple, mechanical and surprisingly easy to learn. It will inspire you to reduce your dependence on your phone camera and remove the need for you to carry your heavy, bulky DSLR with you.

This very special one-and-a-half day workshop in London and online tutorials is suitable for everyone, whether you are a complete beginner who only uses her phone to take images, or are an experienced digital photographer. During our time together you will learn everything you need to begin telling compelling stories through film.

This inspiring London workshop offers you the chance to make friends with like-minded people as we support each other in our adventures into film photography. The film community is warm and welcoming and connections can linger long after the course ends.

We are thrilled be working with the fabulous McQueens floristry studio and the super stylish Carmencita film lab for this unique event. The Saturday workshop will be held at McQueens’ wonderful studio in Bethnal Green where there will be plenty of drop-dead gorgeous floral arrangements for us to practice our new photography skills on. All attendees will be given a generous 20% discount off their next set of rolls developed by Carmencita (Carmencita is the incredible lab I use to develop my own rolls).


This unique workshop is made up of a full day workshop at McQueens floristry studio, a Sunday morning guided photo walk through the famous Columbia Road flower market and also includes a comprehensive e-course to help you prepare you for class.

Lauren and I have designed this course carefully to ensure you learn the foundation blocks of shooting on film and have plenty of time to practice before coming to class. This will ensure you get the absolute most out of our time together, including personalised feedback from Lauren on your prints. There is no set amount of time to work through the tutorials, you can do them at your own pace and can practice shooting as much or as little as you wish.

1. Online tutorials

Video-based tutorials will be sent in advance of the workshop and will give you all the information you need to get your first rolls developed so that you can bring your prints to class.

The lessons will include:

  • Tools of the trade, including various cameras and formats as well as advice on how to shop for your own camera (you should budget around £80 to buy a camera if you don’t already have one)

  • The basics of manual photography so you can take greater control over exposing your images

  • The differences between various film stocks

  • Choosing and communicating with a lab

  • Printing and exploring possibilities for taking your film photography forwards after the workshop

2. Saturday workshop


The main part of this class takes place on the Saturday and will focus on the creative side of film photography, including:

  • Group discussion of our printed images and negatives

  • A lesson on creative composition for stronger images

  • Learning how to read the light

  • Exploring your personal style with film

3. Sunday photowalk


An early Sunday morning guided photo walk through beautiful Columbia Road flower market. We will have plenty of time to take photos of the flowers and stalls under Lauren’s expert guidance as we wander and learn the history of this very special part of London.


About Lauren

Lauren is a hugely talented film photographer and photography teacher who lives by the coast in Virginia, USA. Lauren shoots on both 35mm and medium format film and often relies on just one camera and one lens to explore her relationship with colour and light.

Lauren is a year round sea swimmer and is deeply inspired by literature, particularly by the works of Virginia Woolf, and these loves often come through in her images.

I have always loved Lauren’s gentle, serene approach to photography and I’m absolutely thrilled that she is coming to the UK to teach this very special workshop.

The setting

The Saturday workshop will be held at McQueens gorgeous floristry studio in Bethnal Green, in the historical East End of London. From the A-list Vanity Fair post-Oscar part in Los Angeles to fashion shows in London, McQueens is resolutely 21st century flower business with an international reputation for quality, style and innovation.

Columbia Road is home to one of London’s most famous flower markets, and certainly the prettiest. The area provided refuge in the 17th century to French Huguenots fleeing persecution France. The Huguenots brought to England their love of caged birds and cut-flowers and have had an enduring legacy on this interesting part of London. It is the absolutely perfect place for us to wander with our cameras on a springtime Sunday morning.



Booking and price

Learn to shoot on film



Places on this unique experience are extremely limited to ensure everyone has some dedicated one-on-one time with Lauren. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Food & accommodation

What’s included:

  • All food and drink during the Saturday workshop, including lunch

  • Coffee and pastries after the walk on Sunday

What’s not included

  • Dinner on Saturday night. I can provide you with some suggestions for lovely places to have dinner and can help you arrange to dine with other workshop attendees if you wish

  • Accommodation is not included in this workshop but I can happily provide you with suggestions for hotels in the local area

Terms of booking

This is a non-refundable workshop. Please be sure you can make the workshop before booking. If for any reason we need to cancel or reschedule the workshop we will of course refund the money you have paid. We cannot be held responsible for other costs, such as train tickets, or any other incidentals and strongly recommend you have insurance in place to cover this.


Do I need to have a film camera? Yes. The first lesson you will receive will help you choose a film camera to purchase if you don’t have one already. You should budget around £80 to buy a simple camera which is of course far cheaper than a brand new digital camera.

Can I just do the e-course? No, the e-course is designed to lay the foundations for the real joy of the course which takes place in the workshops in London.

When will I receive the lessons? The first lesson will be sent out towards the end of February, with other lessons in March and April.

What format are the online lessons? The tutorials are video based and you will be sent a link to view them by email.

How much time should I allow for the lessons? We estimate you will need to spend around one to two hours each month, plus as much shooting time as you wish.

Will I have to submit homework? No, don’t worry! The online tutorials will simply enable you to have your images printed so that you can bring them to class. Bringing your own prints will ensure you get the most out of the class.

What if I don’t get my prints in time? Can I still attend? Yes! If you don’t have your prints ready for class it just means Lauren won’t be able to give you feedback on your progress so far. You will still get a huge amount from the class.

What expenses are involved in shooting film? As well as purchasing a camera (if you don’t have one already), you will need to buy film stock and have your images developed. Costs vary between labs and the services you choose. This will be covered in the online tutorials but if you’d like an idea of cost you can see Carmencita’s prices on their website here as an example. (Carmencita is the lab that I use.) I have also used AG Photolab in the UK and you can see their prices here for comparison. You will probably find that you shoot far fewer exposures than with a digital camera. 

If you have any questions at all about this Experience, do email me at annabel@bleakhouse.london