1.1 Schedule and Sharing



This online part of the Learn to Shoot on Film course is two months long and is designed to give you everything you need to prepare you for our workshop in London on 27th April and 28th April.

There are three sets of lessons in the course and these will be released over the next six weeks. We have designed the course to give you just the right amount of time to watch the videos, digest the information and complete the assignments in time for our workshop.

If you do get behind, don’t worry! You can finish the modules after our London workshops. But the more assignments you finish, the more images you can bring to class for us to discuss. As with any course, the more you put in, the more you get out.


Please, please share your wonderful images with us! We’d love to see them. I know from doing courses myself how inspiring and motivating it is to see other students’ work as you work through the course materials and assignments.

Lauren I have created a hashtag for instagram of #enchantinganalogue. Let’s get going on filling up this hashtag with our own contributions to this enchanting film community.

It would be also great if you would tag both Lauren and me on Instagram (@bleakhouse.london and @laurenkeim) so that we don’t miss any of your images. Lauren and I will both be active during the two months of the course, and beyond, to add encouragement and positive feedback. We will of course be sharing our own images too.

Note that if your Instagram feed is set to private, Lauren and I, and everyone else doing the course, won’t be able to see your images even if you use the hashtag. If you'd like us to see your images, you just need to send us a DM so that we can both request to follow you… bear in mind that other people doing the course won’t be able to see your images either unless they are following you.

If you post your images on Instagram, please write in the captions if you’d like feedback from Lauren, from me and the other students. Not everyone likes to receive feedback and we’d never want to give it unsolicited. If you want more in-depth feedback then send Lauren a DM requesting this so that she can take a look. If she feels the question will be helpful for other students she may add this to the Q&A video.

Hashtags are a brilliant way of grouping all of our images together in one place so that we each can scroll through each others’ film photos. You may also want to create a personal hashtag for your own images, so that you can see them all together without your digital photographs. Imagine how wonderful it’s going to be by the time you’ve finished the course to see all your images together!

If you wish to share your images on your blog or other online space, just send the link to Lauren and me so that we can take a look.

Ok, that's enough from me. It's time to get started. Click through to the next lesson for an introduction from Lauren. Enjoy! 



1.1 Course Schedule & Sharing

1.2 Introducing Lauren Keim

1.3 Tools of the Trade

1.4 Understanding Exposure

1.5 Let's Get Busy & Assignments

1.6 Bonus Lessons


2.1 Different Camera Formats

2.2 Colour Film

2.3 Black & White Film

2.4 Let Film Be Film


3.1 Branching Out

3.2 Pushing Boundaries

3.3 Developing Your Film

3.4 Next Steps




If you have any questions, want to make a comment or need any help with this lesson, just add your question below.