Rush bathmat



Finally, what we have all been waiting for, a bathmat that actually loves water. This rush bathmat is made by the super-talented Felicity Irons using ancient floor matting techniques. The rush is plaited by hand, using a '9 end flat weave' into lengths 3" wide, and hand sewn together with jute twine.

It's the perfect thing to soften a contemporary bathroom and add a bit of natural fibre beneath your feet. Its also great as a doormat.

The colours of the mat may vary and will most likely be green to start, but will mellow to golden honey tones as it ages.


  • 80cm long, 50cm wide (approximately)

  • Each mat is unique and may appear slightly differently to the one shown.

  • Made from environmentally friendly English bulrush 

              About Rush Matters 

              Each summer Felicity Irons harvests freshwater bulrush from the River Great Ouse and uses it to weave her recognisable baskets and mats. Felicity is helping keep this ancient craft alive and, because bulrush renews within two years, it is a renewable and environmentally friendly material. We love the rustic nature of her products which add a natural contrast to sleek modern homes and the smell is just divine.

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