Diamond Cut Crystal Barware



Whether you are thinking of a gin and tonic in the garden on a summer's evening, a whisky by the fire on a chilly winter's night or just want to upgrade your bedside water carafe, Richard Brendon's beautiful crystal barware is what you need.

We love the mix of sharp contemporary design with traditional diamond cut crystal in this iconic range. The pieces look so fabulous mixed with antique decanters and cocktail shakers and the diamond cut on the bottom part of the glass is incredibly tactile and pleasingly sharp to run your finger along. 


  • Ice bucket: 12cm high, 12.6cm diameter, 1.2 litre capacity

  • Mixing glass: 15.5cm high, 9cm diameter, 540ml capacity 

  • Single old fashioned: 8cm high, 7.6cm diameter, 190ml capacity

  • Double old fashioned: 9cm high, 8.5cm diameter, 350ml capacity

  • High ball: 15.5cm high, 7cm diameter. 380ml capacity

  • Decanter: 24cm high, 11cm diameter, 1 litre capacity

  • Always wash by hand and do not dry or store upside down

  • Handmade in Bohemia

    About Richard Brendon

    Richard Brendon is a super talented young British designer working in both bone china and glass. Nominated as one of the prestigious Walpole Brands of Tomorrow, he is certainly a designer to watch and we are thrilled to be stocking his Diamond Range on Bleak House. Richard is passionate about regenerating heritage craft industries and his skill lies in transforming past elements into striking modern designs.


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