Travel Dog Bed



Our travel dog bed is like a portable duvet for your dog. It's so soft and comfortable that your dog will probably have a better night's sleep away from home than you.

We have one of these beds and they are so ridiculously useful. They are great for camping, picnics, for sleeping on in the boot of the car or the back seat, and for when you stay in hotels that don't provide a dog bed and expect your poor dog to sleep on a cold, hard floor.

The bed rolls up and and has a shoulder strap and a handle for easy carrying. It has a large pocket at one end designed to hold two collapsible rubber water and food bowls which means you will never forget to take them with you.


  • Made from the finest quality waxed cotton, with quilting on the outside and a traditional tartan pattern on the inside. (It's made from the same fabric as our popular wax dog coat.)

  • The mattress is entirely washable, with a cosy fleece cover over a soft duvet pad, so muddy paws are not a problem. The outside of the bed can be wiped clean and provides a waterproof barrier that is ideal for outdoor use.

  • The bed has a velcro fastened interior pocket, where you can store collapsable food bowls, dried food or other small items your dog needs for his holiday. This flap also serves as a doggy dining area.

  • Our travel bed is a premium, bespoke product, that is entirely hand made in England, using only the finest materials and is made to order. 

  • The bed is also available in navy and in red.


You don’t find many dog brands in the pages of Elle Decoration but this is exactly how we discovered Alice Foxx. Making the most desirable dog accessories in the world here in London, Alice Foxx has been part of our dog-life as long as Edward himself. Alice Foxx products are handmade to an exceptionally high quality and they will give your dog a little more swagger around town.

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